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Comedy Central
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. and the proof of that have is right under your feet-- through several layers across the mud, australia. >> prime minister kevin rudd has put an end to weeks of speculation, he's called an election for september 7. >> john: the whole election season is just one month long. four weeks! that's like only three new iphones from now! (laughter) you know what that means? we need to launch our full coverage of down-under-cision 2013. (laughter) (as an australian) that's not a campaign, this is a campaign! brought to you by koalas. koalas, like if teddy bears were alive and surprisingly aggressive. koalas. australia might have something to teach us when it comes to democracy starting with this: >> in australia, they have a compulsory voting system so everyone is required to register to vote and to turn out to vote and if they don't they're fined. >> that's right, it's illegal not to vote there. they spend a huge amount of time and energy getting people to the polls rather than spending time, energy, and a supreme court decision preventing them. (laughter) but you might think, "hold on, john, if our elect
Aug 1, 2013 5:30am PDT
. australia puts a controversial new policy into practice. welcome back. a reminder of our top stories. the high court in bangladesh has banned jamaat-e-islami from running in the country's elections. judges declared its registration in legal. violence in iraq left more than 1000 iraqis dead in july. it is one of the worst monthly dead tolls -- death tolls since 2008. mugabe said the elections were a farce. germany's foreign minister is in egypt to push for an end to the political crisis. he has called deposed president mohamed morsi a political prisoner. equallys will be judged in the coming months. nothing called selective justice. the law is law and should be applied to one and all. he who is convicted must come before the courts. he who is guilty should be exonerated under the law. the case thats the first moments in any historical event will shape the future. at this point, no party is able to do anything. and i believe that the minister has spoken about the roadmap without any exclusion. this will help shape the entire picture through which we can judge the conditions in egypt. >
Aug 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. >>> reaction in australia is hock and hoary. joining me is melvin young and on the phone tim fisher, he's the former deputy prime minister of australia. he says in the wake of the crime, tourist should think twice about coming to america. wide spread furry and december stress in distress over this in australia. >> there really has. disbelief, shock. chris was a rising star having the time of his life over in the united states. we've all heard about gun violence in america, but this really brought it home. parents in australia who may have children on scholarships in the u.s. and students themselves, just out of disbelief that could happen to one of ours. this is the front page in melbourne here today, "the herold son." it says the team's american police shot our star. it's senseless and the reaction from the family as well as reporting from that baseball club just north on melbourne here. family, friends and team mates and people from the local baseball club have been down there this week. terribly sad, they are placing a baseball with tributes, flowers on the home base. his mother and
Al Jazeera America
Aug 31, 2013 3:00am EDT
. and could the boon times be over in australia. why the upcoming election is focusing on the economy. america. next. >> you're watching al jazeera. time to remind you of our top stories here on al jazeera. the last of the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors have lest syria. the team drove across the border to day route airport in neighboring lebanon. >>> president obama described the chemical weapons attack in syria as a challenge to the world. he's considering a narrow military response. and in egypt six people died in protest against the military-backed government on friday. 160 other people were wounded. >>> rebels in the east of the democratic republic of congo, the m 23 group has been fighting government forces and troops. malcolm webb is with the advancing soldiers as they took their positions 123-4507 these congolese soldiers are having a good day. their enemy, the m 23 rebels, have with drown from their position outside of the city of goma. this man said gon congo belongso us. we'll fight m 23 until they're defeated. these men say they'll send the rebels to neighboring rwanda. they belie
Al Jazeera America
Aug 22, 2013 3:00am EDT
it head-on. >> if you are coming to boat by australia, provided by a people-struggler then you will not be allowed to settle in australia. you will be settled in other countries that is right part and parcel, specifically new guinea. doing the right thing by the world and at the same time making sure you are maintaining an orderly system of immigration. >> temporary protection visas so the population smugglers haven't got a product to sell, and processing in places like manu and island and building much better relations with countries like indonesia and sri lanka. >> deal with a leak of radioactive water. the alert level at fukushima is said to be the highest since the time of the disaster. >> the degree to which the problem at fukushima has not been dealt with has laid bea ba, there are various elaboration of radio kitchen water in the drainage channels, even more disturbing because this is not some sort of uncharted, unexpected leak of water from god knows where. this is water used to treat three of the reactors which are in a constant state effectively of melt down. they use
Aug 20, 2013 5:30pm PDT
conflict and poverty continue trying to reach australia on a treacherous sea journey to try to reach australia. but the search for a better life often comes at a high price. more than 100 suspected asylum seekers were rescued after their boat sank on tuesday near christmas island in the indian ocean. the boat capsized about 220 kilometers north of christmas island. australian border protection officials say a navy vessel pulled 106 people to safety. two of them with minor injuries. afp reported five people are missing. the incident came as a one-day conference to discuss problems of asylum seekers and people smuggling was held in jakarta. senior officials from australia and 13 other nations took part. they included representatives from countries such as afghanistan and sri lanka, where many asylum seekers come from. indonesia is the main transit hub for people trying to reach australia. >> with respect to individuals and others in the people smuggling or human trafficking network, this is very much a concern to the international government. >> it is not enough for each country to sim
Aug 8, 2013 7:00am EDT
, in the future might be written. bbc news, seven pakistan. -- southern pakistan. australia, relations between the ruling labour party and part of the press have hit a new low. one of rupert murdoch's newspapers and likening prime minister kevin rudd to a hapless sitcom character from the second world war. the front page shows him as german klink, a bumbling officer from the 1960s series "hogan's heroes." inhas called for an election september and he is just ahead of opposition leader tony abbott in opinion polls. our sydney correspondent joins us now from there. a new networker which potentially seems to threaten rupert murdoch's business empire. >> it is. let's begin by having a look at the paper itself. telegraph."daily you can see kevin rudd to rest up here as colonel klink and on the other side, sergeant sch ultz, that is the deputy prime minister. this german theme was picked up on by this newspaper because he was seen having a drink in a bavarian style tavern in australia with another member of the labour party who has been investigated on various corruption allegations. but you are rig
Al Jazeera America
Aug 21, 2013 9:00am EDT
. details coming up, australia 139 for 2 at the moment. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching al jazeera, these are the top stories. a court in egypt has ordered the release of hosni mubarak on related charges. he is facing retrial for negligence in the killings of protesters two years ago. saudi arabia has called for an emergency meeting on syria following claims of a chemical attack. they have called for un investigators to visit the site of the alleged attack. bradley manning is expected to be sentenced in the next few hours. he was convicted last month of 20 offenses, including espionage, left the, and fraud. meanwhile a u.s. soldier who pleaded guilty to murdering 16 afghans in 2012 will be sentenced this week. a military judge will decide whether robert bales gets life in prison or has a chance for parole. afghans believe the punishment does not fit the crime. >> reporter: in the early morning of 2012, robert bales enter advil age and killed 16 afghans. among them was this man's brother. >> translator: our strongest demand from the american government is this person should be sente
FOX News
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
teenagers who police say killed out of bored boredom. christopher lane from australia was attending school in the united states. friday, he was gunned down while jogging along a road. here is a portion of the 911 call that came from a woman who found him. >> there's a young man and he just fell over in a ditch and he's got blood on him. tell him to hurry. he's turning blue, he said. >> is he breathing, conscious? >> he is not conscious. is he still breathing? barely. >> three suspects are under arrest. what was the motive? they told police they were bored and killed for the fun of it. 16-year-old and a 15-year-old have been charged with first degree murder. michael jones is charged with assess re to murder. where were the parents? here is the mother of one and the father of another. >> i know in my heart that he did not pull that trigger. >> just like the family in australia, they're hurting, i'm hurting the same way. i don't cry on the outside, i'm crying here from the heart right now. >> kimberly, i am glad we have you to talk. i want to start with the legal piece of this, boredom, a leg
Aug 11, 2013 12:30am EDT
is published today and it has actually come out in australia earlier. i am quite sure they refuse will be positive and interesting here. of course it is a really good read and a fascinating deep dive into history on a different angle. a focus they focus on the special envoys, the five special envoys that franklin roosevelt who was immobilized in unable to travel except an extra ordinary circumstances how we used it to sidestep -- and to build a relationship and position the united states for the policy for taking america into the second world war. as michael explains that changed the course of history as we know. in very dramatic ways and in particular to change the role of america and the world in very dramatic ways. so this story is a fascinating one in itself. it's told beautifully by michael in a way that takes you into the ruins where the decisions were being made in the and the conversations were being had. but it also has i think important lessons about statecraft, about the way in which presidents with great difficulty nevertheless can turn the states and profound directio
Aug 12, 2013 11:35pm PDT
first? >> he did, yeah. >> jimmy: he acts over in australia? >> he was the oldest brother. yeah. he was doing tv shows for a while when he was in high school, and that was what kind of led me to do acting. and chris as well. >> jimmy: your brother's working over in australia. why did you decide to come to the united states? >> why did we decide to come to -- >> jimmy: yeah. what was it that prompted you -- >> i think l.a. is kind of, you know, the mecca for this industry, and we all kind of expected to one day go over to america and do movies. we all grew up loving movies. >> jimmy: i got you. i see. >> it kind of brought us over. >> jimmy: the first like movie role you almost had was in "the expendables." >> yes. well, the first almost role. yeah. [ laughter ] it was when i was -- when i was hows in australia, i had a manager in america who i met with and he started sending me scripts from australia and one of them was for "the expendables," the first film, and i got a call two weeks later from my australian agent saying sylvester stallone was going to call me and talk to me about
Aug 14, 2013 5:35am PDT
no se hubiera matearializado sin el apoyo econÓmico de empresas de medellÍn. hoy va rumbo a australia, para particir en una competencia de universidades del planeta. >>> lleva a que los estudiantes piensen en la ciencia, en la ciencia al servicio de la humanidad. >>> la inteciÓn del proyecto es poner el nombre de colombia en el punto mÁs alto, de 30 carros que recorrieron 3 mil kilÓmetros en australia en el 2011,7 lo lograron, la idea que este vehÍculo colombiano sea uno mÁs en cruzar la meta. a las dificultades de diseÑo se le sumÓ la seleccion de los pilotos que lo conducirÁn en australia, 4 estudiantes fueron elegidos con dos caracterÍsticas particulares, su peso de 130 libras, y su estatura no supera los 5 pies, entre ellos una mujer, en los escribanos una especie en ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> los escribanos de carta de amor en la ciudad de mÉxico, son una especie en extinciÓn, las personas se envÍan mensajes de texto por los celulares no usan los servicios para enamorar con una carta, los flechados por cupido acudÍan a ellos para salir luego con la carta amorosa, que eran in
Aug 20, 2013 5:30pm PDT
athlete from australia, a seemingly random act. prosecutors say the defendants did it because they were bored. lisa monahan from kwtv in oklahoma city reports. >> christopher lane was gunned down while jogging on this road friday in duncan, oklahoma. according to the police they said they didn't have anything to do so they decided to kill somebody. police chief danny ford. >> they witnessed a man on the street and chose him as a target. >> police say they followed lane in a car and shot him in the back. a 16-year-old chancey alan luna is accused of pulling the suspect. the other cess peck is 17 year old michael duane jones and 15 year old james transedwards. prosecutors say edwards laughed during his arrest. his father is james edwards. >> after reading the charges why are you so confidence he's innocent. >> because he didn't pull the trigger, number one. he was just there. >> christopher lane was 22. he was studying at east central university in oklahoma. he was a catcher on the baseball team. he had just returned last weak from his native australia and was visiting his girlfriend. his
Aug 28, 2013 9:00am PDT
, but this is quite scary. this happened in port beach in free mantle, australia, and the man said while he was out there in his boat, a great white shark bigger than his boat was m menacing him. >> that thing is humongous! >> he wants to eat me. >> that is a great white shark and it is a boat that is four meters long and you can see that he is terrified as you tell from the language. he said that the shark at one point went under the boat, so he turned the engine on. >>> it d >> this is jaws! >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the shark latched on to the engine. >> no, it didn't. >> it did. this is rob collins talking about what happened to his boat and the damage that hit behind. >> i have pretty much grabbed the steering wheel and put the other hand on the motor and it started spinning and it was shaking this way. >> we hear from the experts that the sharks are not out in the world after humans and this is making a bad case for that story. >> we got the story from 7 news, and 7 news also had this story about a humpback whale rescue. this humpback whale got caught in shark netting off of the coast of australi
Aug 29, 2013 9:00am PDT
, this is awesome. >>> dirty deeds caught on camera in australia. the first one happened at the mall. i want you to notice this woman in the purple blouse. that is betty partridge. she's 84 years old. she's walking with her partner, russell harris. you see them right there. police say watch the young man behind her. he's 17 years old. they say betty was being followed by that young man and another woman. that woman that you see right there. watch what happens next. he approaches her. takes her handbag and runs. betty is 84 and a line dancer. watch what she does after they snatch her bag. she takes after these criminals, too. >> good. >> not good, nick. >> oh, no. >> watch. >> heartbreaking. are you kidding me? >> yes, it is heartbreaking. she slipped and fell giving chase. she fractured her shoulder and broke both of her hips. >> oh, no. >> now she's in the hospital recuperating. back to russell, he's chasing these two. the 17-year-old young man and the 21-year-old young woman with him, russell wasn't able to capture him but he did get her purse. the two were arrested. there's betty being taken
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. in australia the focus is the gun culture and here at home the focus is on race. breaking news on that and late word from one local official who does not, repeat does not, believe race played a factor. whether it settled the question, though, remains to be seen. the killing is just mainly tragic. christopher lane died in a ditch, shot in the back while jogging. the only saving grace, he did not die alone. richard rods found him and did cpr. >> i said chris, chris, hey, hey, buddy, stay with me, man and he would come up and gasp for air and he would gasp for like 30 to 40 seconds in between, you know, and i knew there was something wrong. we need to do something quick. and so i blew in his face, you know, and he would come up and gasp for air, come on, buddy, stay with me. >> that interview was published on the website of the sydney, australia herold. they call america easy access to guns but home conservative critics see it through a racial lenls. two of the suspects is african american, the youngest of whom james edwards has a number of racial tweets to his name. 90% of people are nasty he wri
Al Jazeera America
Aug 31, 2013 6:00am EDT
, australia's economy was the envy of the world, money was pouring in from china, the primary buyer of australia's national resources. >> that's where the boom has been, now china is easing off the accelerator a bit, when it comes to infrastructure spend, so in surprise they slowed down a bit. >> coal prices are down, and it's not much manufacturing left to pick up the slack. high commodity led to a higher dollar, that made exports hard to sell, and imports cheap. >> tech tiles made in australia couldn't compete. nor could cars. ford recently announced the closure of two factories. the australian collar is now falling, but for many, that's come too late. unemployment is creeping up. this concern too that australia's record property prices are the product of a bubble that may burst. he has half of what he does as a builder before construction projects started drying up. >> i was chasing work, you may get a couple weeks here or there. i've been many the business for over 30 years and they have just gone backwards. >> election campaign, the state of the economy has been center stage. t
Al Jazeera America
Aug 24, 2013 9:00am EDT
have returned the cup with the second straight win over australia. australia wins this run at new zealand now stands at 15 games. the wallabies stepping up after scoring three tries in last week's win over australia. the second half did see australia score this try, but it finished 27-16 to the all blacks, a win that puts the world champions top of the rugby championship table, new zealand lifting the trophy for the 11th straight season. >>> sunday's belgium pre-hammible ton recording. a rain effected session, the champion was second fastest with his redbull teammates. they win by 38 points. >>> and rain preventing any play so far in day four of the finally test between england and australia. england resume on 247-4 and australia's first big inning. playing guyana in the caribbean premiere league. barbainbados scoring and their y main chris gale, but he was out for just three. the batter hit three consecutive sixes to wrap up a wicket win with an over two spare. >>> team new zealand could secure their place later this saturday. they would sale the latest victory challenger series.
Al Jazeera America
Aug 26, 2013 5:30pm EDT
the rate of workplace fatalities than the uk and twice the rate of workplace fatalities than australia". schwartz: "and what do you put that down to?" professor susan watson: "well all i can say is that it doesn't disprove our idea that because corporations lack conscience, without the ability to sue the corporation for accidents, there isn't an incentive, there isn't sufficient incentive for them to put health and safety regimes or appropriate health and safety regimes in place". ♪ schwartz: the deadly pike river mine disaster in 2010 and the catastrophic building collapses in the christchurch earthquakes have shone a spotlight on new zealand's workplace safety, or lack of it. the government has ordered an independent review. professor watson says thought should be given to introducing a charge of corporate manslaughter as part of a raft of changes. professor susan watson: "what new zealand perhaps could consider bringing back the right to sue for health and safety breaches in workplaces. another option is to beef up the level of fines for health and safety breaches in workplaces. i
Aug 2, 2013 10:30am PDT
in this country are from south africa, new zealand or australia. it is targeting asians and blacks. and it is trying to say, you are not welcome in this country. the confidence that people have and the british government and the way the government -- the u.k. looks at the outside world, but also to reduce unemployment in the u.k. because people want to come here and invest. >> regardless of where they happen to be coming from, when they come here illegally, doesn't the government have the right to tackle those measures? >> the government should stop illegal migrants. i would rather they give them amnesty so we could clear up the backlog and then deal with the borders. but that is a separate issue. the problem have with go home is that it is bringing of a slogan from the 1970's that was used by the national front. the government already has campaigned to encourage people to leave the country. and they were not very successful. this is clearly a publicity stunt using the national front slogan and the government should be ashamed to bring that back in to public use. >> what is your ta
Aug 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. australia, consumption of these beverages has risen by 30% in the past decade. showcasing the quintessential aussie. or are they? australia is one of the fattest nations in the developed world. >> i did not wake up one morning 40 kilos heavier. quit sugar and he says he changed his life. he calls it sweet poison. he writes it is not just unhealthy, it is deadly. >> one in seven hospitalizations are because of a disease that is caused directly by sugar consumption. >> sugar is killing us? >> killing us. >> this family is one of thousands following his lead, finding healthy alternatives to sugar packed snacks. >> we have porridge for breakfast. >> it has not always been that easy. -- sweet treats are marketed to kids. would go through the supermarket and the kittens had a little bit of a challenge -- and the kids had a little bit of a challenge. >> the children's hospital works with dozens of obese and overweight children every single year. the nutritionist get to see this firsthand. sugar is one of their biggest vices. shirley alexander takes a holistic approach. she does not think cutting su
Aug 4, 2013 5:30am PDT
: negativity. >> the people of australia began to be subjected to an absolute bar raj of negative political advertising. his advertising campaign will be massive, funded by the massive war chest that he has amassed. not least, the tobacco companies. the next month or so is going to be a rough one, i think. >> the opposition leaders said he was ready for the fight. >> right now what i want to do is directly address the people of australia about the choice that now faces our country. the choice is yours. it is not the choice of the caucus, it is not the choice of the cyclist, it is your choice minister andprime government have. the choice could not be clearer. the choice is between the positive plans of the coalition and more of the same under the australian party. >> a few weeks ago the australian labor government looked certain to lose an election that the prime minister had set for the 14th. , awing numbers of refugees booming economy suffering with a new carbon tax and backpacks on everything. the prime minister, unpopular, never fully forgiven for the way they came to power. began inble
Aug 13, 2013 5:30am PDT
in london. roger federer is hoping to come out guns blazing in cincinnati. "australia -- today, australia's opposition accused of buying twitter followers. online campaigning to relocate or boycott the sochi olympics. and, a chihuahua and its owner engaging in a spot of yoga. with campaigning for the september 7 general lection in full swing, one of the questions in australian is as the opposition leader bought fake followers and friends on social networks to boost his online popularity rating? according to a blogger, the number of fans has soared over the past few days. week ago, andone now has around 135,000. leader of the liberal party has been accused of lying -- buying likes. his twitter account has been studied, pointing out that he has drawn tens of dozens of followers over the weekend, and most of them are fake, automated robot account. party published a statement to client a -- denying a claim and said they launched an investigation to see who was behind the recent inflation. the opposition's reputation remains intact. the current prime minister acknowledged that his twitter foll
Aug 6, 2013 4:00am EDT
below this 2.5%. italian yields lower today at 4.25%. now, big focus on the currency markets. australia in a second. elsewhere, euro/dollar, 1.33 mark. dollar/yen, still with a .98 handle. focus on the aussie/dollar, up around two-thirds of a cent today. australian central bank made cuts, and with more unemployment they cut by 25 basis points as expected to a fresh record low. mining boom has been tapering off. the central bank says global growth could pick up next year and a lower aussie/dollar may help exporters. but no clear signal on further cuts. so the ultra dovishness was removed and that's what helped send the aussie back off the three-year lows that we had. as far as the overall is concerned today in australia, still despite that just down five point points. elsewhere, the hang seng down 1.34% with the kospi and the nikkei having a better day of it, up a percent today. the yen retreated a little bit. also a reuters story that a japanese pension fund was looking to buy more stocks. that helping out the japanese story. now, as far as some other stories of concern, the french bank
Al Jazeera America
Aug 31, 2013 9:00am EDT
from the democratic republic of congo outside a key city. afterno >>>a australia's city p a week before a general election. >>> later in sports, former champion who wound back the clock for a sharp victory at the u.s. open. >> a teenager has been found guilty of gang-rape and murder of a woman in india last december. the 18-year-old who was a minor at the time is the first person to be convicted for the incident, which led to wide-spread uperror throughout india. the fast track court was told he was the most brutal of the six people accused in the tack. looking at this sententions, what sort of reaction is it stoking across the country? >> well, it is stoking a lot of reaction. in fact, we have been out on the streets talking about this, hearing what people have to say and some of the stuff that's really coming forward in the discussions we are having is, a lot of people thinking this sentence was just simply not strong enough, that it doesn't send a positive message about the consequences of doing such -- of committing such a crime and deterring others from going down the same path. on
FOX News
Aug 23, 2013 4:00pm PDT
of returning ellayna's body to australia. the initial goal $15,000. it's well past that receiving 150 grand in donations at last check. we are told any money left over will go toward establishing a memorial in ellayna's honor. garrett tenney has the latest developments. gary? >> jon, the lane family says that that memorial l. makes donations to organizations in chris' name to help others fulfill their dreams just as their son was doing. the family's statement reads in part. the christopher was chasing his dreams and we believe everyone should do the same. christopher would be so proud he had made a difference in so many lives. thanks to those funds, the 22-year-old's girlfriend and her family are now on their way to australia. to return his remains to his grieving parents. they are expected to arrive in melbourne sometime tomorrow and funeral plans are in the works for some time early next week. back in oklahoma though, friends and teammates are preparing to gather for a memorial service in chris' honor tomorrow afternoon. they are planning to record the service so that his family back in a
FOX News
Aug 25, 2013 11:00am PDT
, a student athlete from australia is killed in a senseless act of violence. >> is he breathing? is he con conscious? >> is he not conscious. >> is he still breathing? >> barely. >> barely. >> such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. >> chris: prosecutors say these teens killed him for, quote, the fun of it. oklahoma governor mary fallon and jason hicks join to us discuss the case. plus, it's been 50 years since martin luther king inspired a generation with his dream for america. we ask our sunday panel about the gains of the past half century and where the civirights movement stands today. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. there are reports and shocking video out of syria this week that seem to show the assad regime is engaged in the largest use of chemical weapons since saddam hussein attacked his own people a quarter century ago. bob corker of tennessee is the top republican on the senator foreign relations committee and recently returned from the middle east. congressman elliott angle is the top democrat on the house forei
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